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too, to us, emil? >> china is one of the many pillars of governor romney's plan is to call china a currency manipulator. >> does that bother you in terms of raising the specter? >> no, there are many bright people on both sides of this but it doesn't and it doesn't for the very reason that it is, one, it is absolutely not in china's interest to have a trade war. it's not in their interest economically and it's not in their interest politically. remember these are, and this is where we get into geopolitical strategizing which is out of my realm of expertise for sure but this is holding on to power for a group of very few is a very important element. >> now you sound like you could be talking about the federal reserve in both cases. is ben bernanke a currency manipulator? >> that's grist for a broader conversation. >> we can't trash them if we're doing the same here. >> is ben bernanke sitting in his office attempting to manipulate the currency, no. in my judgment. but is the fed's dual mandate which requires the task of full employment by a central bank is that a proper thing for
, but it is less positive in terms of the markets. >> i'm seeing both sides. i'm seeing people that -- people that just love, i don't know, spending ahead. and worry about austerity and if romney gets elected, talking about austerity, in the same boat as europe and he's going to turn off the federal reserve. and that's amazing to me that as we hurdle toward 40% of gdp being spent on government entitlements by whatever year, but it's coming if we don't curb things. i would think that curbing that near term would be a positive. but i see people arguing that he'd be cutting off the punch bowl, romney, if he were elected. >> well, you know, that's a great question. and i think in terms of timing, you know, i think it would be unrealistic for a new president to make one of his first 100 days act to change the fed. >> so we decided we like bernanke then? so qe-3, the way to say that romney won't be negative for the markets is by saying he won't do anything to bernanke right away? so we do like qe-3? >> you have to remember -- households, corporate cash balances are over $1.5 trillion, at a record b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2